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We are well past the days when basic requirements were just water, food and shelter, today having power in our homes is now part of the basic essentials too. When the power is out life is a lot harder having to take cold showers, not being able to work or study, not being able to cook, the food in the freezer and fridge being ruined, not able to charge our phones and mobile devices and so on. So much of everyone’s every day lives is about having electricity in the home working. To keep things running and to prevent injuries from things like bad wiring or other hazards related to electricity at some point people need good Joondalup electrical contractors.

What is an electrical contractor?

Electrical contractors are qualified people or a company like Auslectrical where experienced electricians specialize in creating, installing and maintaining different electrical systems, in homes, offices and even industrial buildings. We can handle coordinating and managing projects and as well as doing top quality work and we always ensure it conforms to regulations. If you need electrical contractors near Joondalup, we are the best.

Types of electrical contractors

There are three broad categories electrical contractors can fall under. They are;

  1. Inside contractors – working on providing electricity to a building within a property’s boundary lines.
  2. Line contractors, also called Outside contractors – working with distribution lines and high voltage power lines outside.
  3. Integrated building systems – these contractors maintain, upgrade and install low voltage power lines.

This means at Auslectrical we offer a variety of services from renovating new systems, constructing systems, modifying wiring, making upgrades to designing completely new systems in new builds.

Auslectrical Joondalup Electricians

Getting it done safely and on time

We are completely up to date with all the regulations and codes related to both new installs in new constructions as well as older ones in older builds. Our electrical contractors near Joondalup will do everything from working within a given budget, completing projects on time, conducting any required research, giving an estimate for work as well as making sure the right permits are applied for to carry out the work.

Why Auslectrical over other electrical contractor companies

Anyone can find electricians or contractors nowadays, the internet is an easy place to start and you can also still just pick up a phone book too. As with any industry though, there are some companies who lead in professionalism, skill and innovation and some who follow. We are proud to be one of the leaders. This is because we;

  • Have a good amount of experience in many different situations and projects
  • Are happy to offer client references
  • Have licensed and trained electricians
  • Offer our services for fair prices
  • Can inspect as well as upgrade
  • Take your safety and the building’s safety very seriously
  • Can work on residential, industrial, commercial and hazardous jobs