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Auslectrical – Hazardous Areas Electrician Joondalup

There are a number of industries nowadays that use or create hazardous areas with various dusts, gases, and vapours that are harmful to people. As a result, there is a growing need for experienced and professional electrical companies like ours, Auslectrical, who have the necessary equipment and skilled workers when you need an electrician in Joondalup to work in such areas. It is essential when installing and maintaining electrical equipment that it is only done by certified electricians in such areas.

Hazardous Areas Electrical

What our hazardous areas electrician can do

At Auslectrical, we are proud to be able to offer highly trained and certified electricians able to carry out various aspects of the work needed in hazardous areas such as;

• Engineering work
• Detailed and careful inspections
• A careful preparation of a hazardous area verification dossier
• Designing hazardous area zones and classifying them
• Repairing, testing and maintaining equipment in hazardous areas
• Auditing and checking for compliance
• Choosing and installing electrical equipment in hazardous areas

Minimizing Electrical Hazards

Our company is able to handle all sorts of jobs from domestic in the home to commercial and industrial work. As well as being one of the best in the industry if you need a hazardous areas electrician, we also can help minimize commercial electrical hazards.

A lot of accidents in commercial areas happen when electrical lines and water come into contact but there are other concerns, accidents happen with burns, shocks and even electrocution.

If you need an electrician in Joondalup who can work in commercial areas like warehouses, factories and other working properties, give us a call today! Commercial areas need different skills and experience compared to residential concerns because of the larger equipment and the fact there is a lot more power.

Often there are various types of electrical equipment that needs repairing, installing or maintaining and we are more than capable while also making sure everything is up to regulations.

There are a large range of jobs we can complete some of which include;

• Making sure power cords are not frayed or damaged
• Ensuring the power levels are correct for a piece of equipment
• Making sure circuit breakers are functioning and that everything is plugged into one
• Making sure there is no water risk and that should water get close everything shuts off as it should rather than starting an electrical fire
• Setting up a power system so that you get the right power needed to the right places
• Properly installing wiring so it is safe and is not unattractive


With our experienced hazardous areas electrician electricians here at Auslectrical, we are able to handle a wide range of electrical needs including working in hazardous areas, and preventing hazards in commercial buildings.

Whether you need an electrician in Joondalup for an older building or a modern build we have the skills and are ready to make sure things are working and are safe. We are proud of our excellent reputation in our field of expertise and stand ready to commit to working hard on whatever you need us for!