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Auslectrical – Electrician in Joondalup

Everyone needs to services of an electrician at some point, whether it is to help with an installation, do an inspection, correct some bad wiring or put in some new power points. When it comes to your own safety and the safety of your home, electrical jobs are not something you should mess around with yourself, unless you have training to do so.

If you are looking for trustworthy Joondalup electricians that are highly skilled you might want to look closer at our company, Auslectrical. We are efficient, trained and certified and have experience in a variety of tasks, domestic, commercial, industrial and even in hazardous areas. Here is a closer look at the variety of jobs we can carry out and why have the best electrician in Joondalup.

Making sure everything is up to code

When looking for a Joondalup electrician you need to make sure you find ones that like us, know what the regulations are and can make sure their work, and all the electrics in your home are up to code. This is in your home, your office building, your restaurant, your factory, or anywhere.

Different buildings will have different rules they have to follow. Qualified electricians can make sure everything installed is safely done so and that there is no risk to your personal safety, to anyone in the building, and to the building and its contents.

Over specific periods our highly trained and experienced Joondalup electricians can come to inspect a premise, carry out certain tests and checks and make sure there is no deterioration and that any work done is up to today’s standards. We can tell you what has been done in accordance with the right regulations and what has not been. If you need us to, we can fix anything. We are proud of the training our electricians have.

Taking care of older wiring

Often property owners, whether commercial, industrial or home, take for granted the electricity that runs through it to keep everything working. It is only when it stops that you realize how heavily we rely on the power today. A common issue with older buildings is that the wiring is also old and things erode, rust, or just stop working.

A competent Joondalup electrician from Auslectrical can come in, assess the wiring and know what to do to replace it. Ideally a decade at the most between checks, it is as much for safety reasons as well as just to avoid the inconvenience of power loss. You might need to rewire because;

• There are still switches in the bathroom
• Some of your skirting has power points
• The old wiring has green residue on it
• Some of the sockets are old versions
• Cotton covers the wiring

The best electrician in Joondalup from Auslectrical can also upgrade your fuseboards and your fuse boxes.

Installing light fittings

Another job you might need a qualified electrician for is installing or moving light fittings. These could be lights inside the home or property, or they could be security lights for outside around it. There are a lot of different options when it comes to lighting, and there are different switches to go with them.

But becoming more popular among homeowners is not just security lighting but also outdoor lighting for the yard. To make sure it is work that lasts and is done safely use a Joondalup electrician from Auslectrical. We can plan out the different lighting options, offer advice on security options and compete the job professionally and quickly.

Feel safe with our security system installation

More homeowners are having security systems installed to protect themselves and their property. Our Joondalup electricians can advise and design security systems that are happy with and best suit your needs. The cost will vary depending on what you want and how complex the installation is.

We can give you the safety and security you need and make sure it is properly installed from small systems to more complex ones that can contact the police for you, come with audio as well as CCTV and fit in with your outdoor lighting system.

Other common jobs we get called on

All of our electricians at Auslectrical are properly trained and up to date on coding and regulations. Other common jobs we can handle are;
• Installing ceiling fans, smoke alarms and such
• Putting in new power points and removing old ones
• Renovation work and re-wiring
• Safety inspections
• Networking
• Repairing or installing hot water systems

Electrician in Joondalup


It is natural to want the best and most qualified person for a job. If you are in our region, the best electrician in Joondalup is going to be one from Auslectrical. Whatever size of the job, wherever it is, we can handle it and are happy to discuss any other electrical concerns you may have. We are also proud to be a locally owned and run company.

For any of your electrical needs call Auslectrical today.