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Auslectrical – Commercial Electrician & Industrial Electrician

No matter where or what kind of electrical work needs to be carried out, Auslectrical has you covered. Industrial work, commercial work, residential work, we have the training, experience, and skills in all kinds of electrical needs from small jobs to very large ones.

But just what is the difference between say residential electrical services and commercial ones? Here is a look at what our commercial and industrial electrician can carry out throughout Joondalup and what they can also do domestically.

Domestic and Commercial Electrician have Different Skills

The types of needs and actual systems found in residential homes are not the same as those found in commercial or industrial areas. For a start, a commercial electrician has to deal with higher voltages but also understand and work with systems that are more complex because they have to handle a range of different equipment and machinery. The buildings themselves tend to be a lot larger, so there are more wiring and more systems running through them.

You need to make sure you hire a company that can offer the type of skill and knowledge needed for the type of work you have. Thankfully at Auslectrical, we can offer skilled electricians in both domestic and industrial jobs.

Commercial Electrician & Industrial Electrician

Commercial and Industrial Electrical Work

Whether you have a large company with a huge office building or a smaller company, we can take on the work you need us to do. Our specialist electricians have experience in a variety of systems used in commercial and industrial buildings.

With an industrial electrician from Auslectrical you can feel confident that the work will be done properly, and as quickly as possible. We understand that your company needs to avoid downtime as much as possible.

We also know the different rules for commercial and industrial electrical work and will not put your business or your workers at risk by not complying to them. We can repair older equipment and make sure it is up to code too.

Domestic Electrical Work

Domestic work, on the other hand, does not involve large industrial machinery, high voltage and the other concerns particular to commercial and industrial work. But we have the electricians for this work as well. Whether you are having renovations done or you need a smoke alarm installed or some wiring inspected we have you. Common domestic jobs we are happy to take care of include;

• Putting in new power points
• Ceiling fan installation
• Putting in new light fixtures or changing fittings
• Smoke alarm installation
• Inspecting and maintaining electrics in your home
• Repairing and maintaining hot water systems
• Installing and inspecting safety switches
• Networking computers


There are different skills and qualifications needed for different areas of electrical work. When you need a job done, you should make sure you hire someone who has the right expertise and experience. Avoid using domestic electricians for industrial work for example.

If you call Auslectrical, tell us the type of work you need doing, we can make sure we assign the best electrician for the job, and we have the ability to take on any job you might have.

For any of your commercial electrician & industrial electrician needs call Auslectrical today.