Ceiling Fan Installation Joondalup

//Ceiling Fan Installation Joondalup

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Auslectrical – Ceiling Fan Installation Joondalup

If you need smoke alarm installers in Joondalup, ceiling fan installation or any other job in and around Joondalup, Perth, WA, the best company to call is Auslectrical. We offer our services in any domestic setting for any job you might need help for, from the larger installations or rewiring, to inspecting safety switches and to smaller jobs. We are also happy to come to your home to offer advice if that is what you are looking for. We have training and experience to draw upon for anything you need.

Typical jobs we work on

All of the licensed and insured electricians at Auslectrical are highly skilled so you can feel confident in anything we do for you. Typical jobs include;

  • Ceiling fan installation, Joondalup
  • Putting in power points
  • Changing light fittings
  • Installing smoke detectors and alarms
  • Networking home computers
  • Inspecting safety switches
  • Maintaining the electrics in rented properties
  • Inspections and fault finding
  • Working on TV outlets
  • Hot water systems
Ceiling Fan Installation Joondalup

A closer look at ceiling fan installation

Really any installation that involves electricity and wiring needs technical understanding and skill. There is not a safe DIY project. Installing a ceiling fan is more complex than some people realize, but it is something Auslectrical can come and help you with. If you need a ceiling fan installation, Joondalup located, we know about the wiring, how to properly mount and secure the fan and have experience with a variety of types.

Our first step would be to make sure the right electrical box is chosen. A proper installation that performs as it should needs correct wiring. Our trained electrician can determine if the electrical box there is good enough, or whether a new one is needed to handle the fan. Once the electrician safely deals with the wiring they will then check that the fan is not going to be too heavy for the ceiling. They will also make sure the right bracket is used to keep the fan secure. Ceiling fans incorrectly installed by homeowners can sometimes become wobbly. If that happens, give us a call to fix it.

Smoke Alarm Installers in Joondalup

A closer look at smoke alarm installation

A law passed in 2009 states that smoke alarms hard-wired must be placed in all residential buildings before they can be sold on or rented out. Smoke alarms cannot be older than a decade, should be in working order and connect permanently to the home’s main power. This means being installed by trained electricians. If you need smoke alarm installers in Joondalup call Auslectrical today. We can ensure all the standards and building codes are adhered to. You should also schedule with us regular yearly maintenance of the smoke alarms so we can check it is all working.